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Meet Mindy

Windermere Real Estate/North Realtor
Dwell Well PNW Founder + Owner
Community Builder + Connector



With a deep background in Silicon Valley startups and Marketing, Mindy brings a fresh perspective to Real Estate. Add in a passion to genuinely help and give back to her community, Mindy is an ace at the art of effectively negotiating the best results for her clients. She takes time and care to understand and address the unique motivations of everyone involved.

Whether working on the buying or selling side, Mindy is an astute real estate professional who thoughtfully and thoroughly anticipates needs and excels at leveraging her excellent communication, planning and negotiation skills. For continued growth and expertise, Mindy works closely with a network of trusted professionals both inside and outside of the real estate world; no matter what challenges may arise, you can rely on Mindy to secure the best solution.



I recently had an “Aha!” moment. I realized my current #realestate career is a lot like #running cross country. The latter I did for 6 years and is what took me to #California and @santaclarauniversity. I still run today for fun, between selling homes here in the #pnw 

While cross country can be viewed as an individual sport, and you are technically “in competition” with each and every runner, it is a team sport. There is team training, team pride (no egos!), camaraderie, rooting for, and helping one another run stronger and smarter. Sometimes runners pair up to draft and push each other at various times to achieve greater overall results. Sometimes you stop and help someone who’s struggling. You also can make or break results depending on how you choose to spend time in the “off season” or train alone, above and beyond what the team is practicing. Moreover, there is also a danger of burnout that needs to be balanced with rest and recovery.

Real Estate is, in many ways, very much liken to this. While Dwell Well PNW is technically its own entity, I’m so grateful to team up at @windermerenorth. We’ve got an incredible top “Coach” in @mama_lena_206, additional ace assistant “coaches,” wonderful marketing, admin and transaction support, plus collaborative colleagues and teammates who are fast becoming friends as well as one another’s cheerleaders and extra support! We all understand needing to take a little self-imposed timeout in order to come back stronger.

I think the only big difference is, I used to run with the boys.  Today in real estate, I’m finding so much inspiration, friendship, and goodwill with women! Beyond my brokerage as well. You all know who you are!  I’m also excited to get to work with and know more of you. We are “cooperating brokers” after all!

#womensupportingwomen #womanownedbusiness #collaborate #cooperate #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


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