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Client and Colleague Testimonials

Rave Reviews: Text

Mindy was an exceptional link between us and the selling agent, ensuring we put our best foot forward with our offer. She established a great rapport with the seller’s agent, got all of our questions answered quickly and accurately and enabled us to close fast and seamlessly. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide us through our first time buying a home in the US!

Eileen and Brad D., Buyers
June 2022 in Kirkland

Mindy is an absolutely spectacular real estate broker to work with, and I feel so lucky to have connected with her. She's quick to respond and wonderfully attentive. As a first time homebuyer in a seller's market, we had a long search and I had a lot of questions. Mindy worked hard to help me make strong offers on multiple properties. She was positive that the seller's market wouldn't stop us and we would find a perfect place for me, and we finally did! :)

I'd recommend Mindy to anyone, but especially first time homebuyers who need some more education on the process and want to work with someone who is always happy to answer questions! Mindy is truly a gem.

Quinn M., Buyer
February 2022 in Woodinville

"If you look up patient in the dictionary there is a picture of Mindy! From our broad search parameters, to our long list of needs, to our jumping from one property to the next to find the perfect place, to taking a month to write this review, Mindy has been nothing short of patient, kind and professional. PLUS she's fantastic at her job! Every time we were unsure or had a question around price and area, Mindy was spot on in her advice. She went the extra mile to make certain we were looked out for. When the owners left behind their "junk" for us to deal with, she already had us covered in our contract. Oh, I should also mention she met us at a viewing within days of giving birth to her first baby girl! Super woman! She has a fantastic team and made sure anytime we needed something, someone was able to assist us right away. We couldn't have asked for anything more and we look forward to working with Mindy again in the future anytime we have real estate needs."

Tina and Jay F., Buyers

December 2021 in Normandy Park

"In this highly competitive market it takes someone who won’t quit working for you and knows both sides of the transaction to get to closing. Mindy does all this and more. She listened to what I was looking for, replied to all of my questions promptly, helped work through financing, the HOA, and built a rapport with all parties involved, including the listing agent which is key when competing against so many other offers. We ended up winning against 11 other offers on the first try!

Mindy understands what it will take to have the best offer and get to closing. I can’t imagine anyone else being a better advocate for you to purchase your home."

Nate Brown, Buyer

March 2021 in Edmonds

“Mindy’s job managing the business of our top producing real estate team was intense. She handled it with a tireless work ethic and superb organization, always maintaining a considerate and thoughtful approach to every client’s needs.

Part of what everyone loves about Mindy is her ability to bring people together. She spearheaded our team hikes, community events,

dinner cooking parties, and philanthropic engagements...

Due to her love of camaraderie, Mindy has also become highly involved in her community and has become close friends with several of her neighbors. She would help organize block parties for neighbors and their children, progressive dinners, gifting of clothes and household items to community members in need, and raising money to provide meals for their local Safe Parking Program and essential workers during Covid.

Mindy is a giver. She is up at dawn working to make herself better and giving back to others.

I would highly recommend Mindy as an essential element to any team or business.”

Amy Alpeza, Colleague March 2018 to March 2020

Seattle/Eastside Real Estate Broker

"Unparalleled proactive efficiency are the three words that best describe Mindy's incredible skill set!

I have had the pleasure of working with Mindy in her role as a project manager, event manager, and marketing manager for multi-million dollar transactions and high level executive clients. I continue to be particularly impressed with how organized, detail oriented, and proactive she is in her ability to think through what systems and resources need to be in place well before we even realize we will need them.

No matter how challenging the task at hand, she always has a smile on her face and positive influence that encourages others to do the same.

She will be an asset to any team and not only meet...but EXCEED any expectations given to her!

Darci Kelts, February 2019

Kirkland/Eastside Real Estate Broker

Hey Mindy, thanks for having us! We haven't had this kind of business since precovid! Sales were awesome and everyone was very kind and patient. We can't believe we sold out of a lot of things. If we're ever here again, we will definitely stock up a bit more for this location. Just feel free to contact Rea for future events. We hope to be here again and see you soon! Also, great graphics and marketing! Have a good night! 

Rodel, Leo + Rea, Sam Choy's Poke to the Max Food Truck

March 2021 in Kirkland

"I trust Mindy. She does what she says she’ll do and she doesn’t disclose confidences. One of her best qualities is striving for excellence and constant improvement. She is resourceful and brings the passion… She wants to win.

I love how she will dig into things, understand them to mastery, and sort them in a logical fashion. Fantastic. 5/5 Far exceeds.

Zac Bookman, OpenGov CEO

April 2017 in Silicon Valley

"Mindy is one of the brightest professional Executive Assistants I have had the pleasure to work with. She continually pushes herself to do the absolute best and she gives the absolute best. Her communications skills are outstanding and she is willing to take risks and move out of her comfort zone. She will make a great partner for any executive, member of any team or organization she becomes part of."

Debbie Gross, Chief Executive Assistant to John Chambers at Cisco
September 2017 in Silicon Valley

"Mindy is stellar at whatever she puts her mind to. Her attention to detail combined with her business acumen and strategic mindset render her simply unstoppable. During our time together, I had the pleasure and privilege to learn from Mindy. I was constantly impressed with her ability to take on the amount of responsibilities she did and the ease, grace, and level-headedness with which she did it. Mindy is quick on her feet and has extremely highest standards for quality. I'm excited to watch her continue her career and congratulate any company lucky enough to have her as a team member."

Santana Shorty, OpenGov Colleague

September 2017 in Silicon Valley

"From the get-go, Mindy impressed me by making an effort to get to know everyone at the company and learning how she could help all departments run more smoothly. She has a tireless work ethic and could be depended on no matter the time of the day or whatever was asked of her--large requests and small ones. If I asked Mindy for help with something, I knew it would be taken care of correctly and quickly.

Beyond her day-to-day work, Mindy was critical in helping organize the special visitors and VIPs we were lucky to host in the office (Secretary Madeleine Albright, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Secretary George Shultz, and John Chambers among others). She went above and beyond her job description to help close sales and keep customers happy by proactively ensuring that the right folks were on the phone with the customer and arranging onsite meetings, all of which required managing many moving parts.

With her work ethic, friendly demeanor, and interpersonal skills, I know that she will be successful at whatever she decides to pursue."

Alaina Urbahns, OpenGov Colleague

May 2017 in Silicon Valley

"Mindy is one of the most self-driven individuals I've come across. She goes out of her way to be kind to everyone and instantly made me feel comfortable. She is a constant source of motivation, positivity, and a paradigm for professional excellence for the entire company. She works tirelessly and truly embodies the company’s values of trust, resourcefulness, and excellence. She keeps to her word and ensures that there is an environment in which strong communication can thrive.

Mindy has an incredible capacity to form reliable relationships with anyone from any background very quickly since she takes the time to listen and accommodate others while not losing sight of her own responsibilities. Her perceptive nature makes her very good at offering advice and critical feedback, when necessary. There is never doubt that she has everyone’s best interest in mind. She is self-motivated and thorough by nature and she strives to take new avenues to grow both professionally and personally.

Regardless of where life takes her, she has all the skills to always lead the way by example and bring joy into everyone’s life."

Sharon Roy, OpenGov Colleague

November 2016 in Silicon Valley

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mindy for the past 8+ years at both Bebe au Lait and Butterfly Health. She was an invaluable asset at both organizations and truly made my life easier which ultimately allowed me to be more successful in my roles.

Mindy is extremely organized and thorough in all of her tasks and was always willing to pitch in to help the team effort even in areas outside of her core skill sets or job requirements. She anticipates issues so they don't become problems and her work product is always top-notch and timely. Her self-motivation and dedicated work help create an office environment that's collaborative, productive, healthy, and fun.

Mindy is well liked by her co-workers and her positive energy and work ethic would be assets to any organization. I truly hope that we will be able to continue working together in the future."

Carter Wicks, VP Bebe au Lait + Butterfly Health
February 2016 in Silicon Valley

Rave Reviews: Testimonials
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