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Committed to going above and beyond the listing to bring community and well-being to your doorstep.

What does it mean to #dwellwell?

 It means there is a direct correlation between your home and your sense of well-being. Where you live is about so much more than the house itself; it’s about feeling well and doing well and having a connection with your community.

To dwell well is the art of elevating everyday experiences through care, community, and sharing life’s simple pleasures. It’s about making the most of what you have: a commitment to doing a lot with a little.

I firmly believe that there is abundance to share in simplicity, and at every price point.

I was raised in a tight-knit hometown here in Washington, and have been fortunate to always have neighbors who are like family. We have each other’s keys and alarm codes, share our catch of the day from the bay and produce from our gardens, and open up our homes for meals and activities together.

Everyone in the neighborhood waves and smiles at one another, whether they know each other or not. I thought this was common experience everywhere, and was surprised to find out that it’s not always the case.

When I moved back to the PNW from the Bay Area, my own home buying process left me with much to be desired. I knew I was capable of creating a better experience - the one I wish I’d had. I care deeply about adding genuine value to Real Estate relationships, and doing more than just negotiating the sale and handing over the keys.

As a Real Estate Broker, I am proud to offer a highly curated client experience to help you find the right landing spot, acclimate, and feel like you truly belong in your new home. I've done a lot of due diligence to find the best quality and value in the communities I work in, ranging from trusted home improvement companies to healthcare professionals, local purveyors, and neighbors who want to be “Welcome Wagon” ambassadors for their communities.

I also recognize and celebrate the important role our local businesses play in building the ambience and character of a neighborhood. I love supporting these businesses personally, and amplifying them as much as possible.

It is Dwell Well PNW’s priority to build collaborative relationships that enrich, engage and connect local residents. Everyone deserves a house that has found its home.


I had an “A-ha!” moment recently. Fun fact: I was a cross country runner for 6 years - it’s what took me to California and Santa Clara University. I realized that working in Real Estate is a lot like running cross country. What a lot of people don’t realize is that while cross country can be viewed as an individual sport - you are technically “in competition” with each and every runner - it takes the full team for each runner to be successful. There is team training, team pride (no egos!), and rooting for one another to run stronger and smarter. Sometimes runners pair up to push each other and achieve greater results together. Sometimes you stop and help someone who’s struggling. You can even make or break results depending on how you choose to spend time training in the “off season.”

My Real Estate career is very similar. As the Founder and Owner of Dwell Well PNW, I am my own entity. But my success is directly related to the team that I work with at @WindermereNorth and the relationships I’ve built in my communities. We get to empower each other every day to achieve greater results and help our clients find their next home. We work together for the mutual benefit of all. One of the major differences between my cross country days and my Real Estate career is that I used to run with boys. At @WindermereNorth I’ve found so much inspiration, friendship, and goodwill with women. And the support I’ve received from my incredible team has afforded me the resources to remain true to who I am, and advocate for and amplify the women in my communities, their small businesses, and their success. That’s why I’m committed to going above and beyond the listing to bring community and well-being to my clients’ doorsteps. I’m so grateful to team up with @WindermereNorth. We’ve got an incredible top Coach in @mama_lena_206, and star assistant coaches, marketing, administrative and transaction support to keep us on track. Collaborative colleagues have become fast friends, providing extra support as one another’s cheerleaders. I look forward to running this proverbial race alongside you. We are “cooperating brokers” after all!

#womensupportingwomen #womanownedbusiness #collaborate #cooperate #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Edmonds Moms Meetup

Have a *Pandemic Baby*? Ask me about our local Edmonds Moms Meetup Group.

I’m the Founder and Admin of Edmonds Moms Meetup. We are 900+ local moms who have created a safe space to connect and coordinate meetups for friendship and support. I started the group out of a desire to connect in person in a meaningful way with neighboring moms who have kids around my daughter’s age. It’s not easy being first-time parents in general. Add giving birth and bringing home a new baby during a pandemic… 😅  We additionally have plenty of moms with kids a little older and now younger than our Pandemic-born babes who expressed a desire to connect despite the target age. I add them as long as their kids are *somewhat* close by in age and location. (And they fill out the membership questions completely. Completely filling out the Q’s shows an active desire to participate and engage while filtering out bots.) We now have a broad age range given this, and many families that include older siblings.


I couldn't do this alone. The magic happens because of our collective participation, vulnerability and action. Putting ourselves out there is hard, let alone on 4 hours of sleep. While I do create a great majority of our events, I encourage and have immense gratitude for the women here who continue to create events around their own pastimes/enjoyments/schedules/budgets. This is why the group is successful. If everyone waited on and expected me to make every event for us, the group wouldn’t work nor be as impactful for our moms. So thank you, thank you, for continuing to make this space such a special community. I hope to see your request to join come through soon! We have DAILY opportunities to meet and connect in person over walks, park playdates, board games, trivia, books, baking, breaking bread and more. We are looking forward to making more parent friends, exploring together and supporting local small businesses. 💙 Yes, we are THOSE parents who take our kids wine tasting! 🍷🍷😁

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